An SSD, also known as Solid State Drive, can boost the performance of your computers, like the loading time in games or the boot-up time of Windows. It’s like getting a new graphics card for your build, but with a new SSD, you will not see an increase in frame rates but better interaction time with things.

Unlike hard disk drives that are affordable and you can get spacious drives, SSDs are quite expensive, and you have to check your storage requirements so that you can save some money on them. Those users who have to install the latest single-player titles will need a large storage drive, but if you have to play competitive games or your game library isn’t much big, then a 512 GB drive is good.

Is 512Gb Ssd Enough for Gaming or Not?

In short, a 512 GB SSD can be enough for you if you have to store Esport titles or a few games, but those who want to fill up their games library with titles like COD Warzone and Red Dead Redemption must need to upgrade to 1TB drive.

We will check out the size of a few modern titles to check if you play these games and know whether you need to go with a 512 GB drive or need a 1 TB SSD.

Game Name Storage Size
Call of Duty Warzone 175 GB
Red Dead Redemption 2 150 GB
Cyberpunk 2077 70 GB
Call of Duty Vanguard 93 GB
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 40 GB
Grand Theft Auto V 73 GB
Counter Strike Global Offensive 20 GB
Valorant 12 GB
Apex Legends 68 GB
Rust 25 GB
Destiny 2 105 GB
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 34 GB
Rocket League 13 GB

Solid State Drives come in various options as there are 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB and 4 TB drives available in the market. Also, we’ve seen some pre-built system and high-end laptops that comes with 8 TB drives, but of course, as an average gamer, we don’t need this much space.

Back then, I used a 128 GB drive, and it was enough for me, but the notable thing was I just used to play a single game all the time. Then I upgraded to a 256 GB drive to store more single-player titles, and they were good for me. A 512 GB drive is enough for those users who like to play AAA titles and wants to store a few of them. Anything more than a 1TB drive will be overkill unless you just have to download and fill the storage.

Most users consider Windows 10 for gaming, and it doesn’t take more than 20-25 GB of space, while with some applications like Discord, Origin Steam and Team Speak, this can go up to 50 GB. At the same time, most of the games take 50-100 GB of space, so there will be enough space in your drive for many titles.

Mussab Ali
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