ASUS is one of the leading manufacturers of computer parts in the world and is primarily known for its gaming products. 

The company has tons of series that target a wide range of audiences. In this article, we will check whether ASUS computers are worth buying or not.

Are ASUS Computers Good

The easiest solution for buying a computer without knowing its components is to buy a pre-built PC. A pre-built PC is quite similar to a custom PC but its components are fitted by the company and are not available in retail usually. 

This goes especially for the case and motherboard of the PC, although some other components like graphics cards are the same as the retail ones.

ASUS Pre-built PCs

ASUS pre-built PCs are, although not as good as custom PCs but are a great choice for those who are looking to buy a reliable computer and do not have enough knowledge about the hardware components of a computer.

The company provides a wide range of choices for the components, which is why these PCs are great for both budget and high-end users. 

The system’s performance depends on the quality of the components used in the PC, although most PCs above a thousand bucks provide high performance for modern games.

ASUS Laptops

Like the desktop series, there are many ASUS laptop series. To be honest, ASUS laptops are better than its competitors when we look at the features of the latest series by the company. 

ASUS Gaming Laptop

ASUS provides many gaming laptop series too that are targeted toward business users, content creators, etc. 

The best thing about ASUS laptops is that they provide a great price-to-performance ratio, which you won’t find in the competitors.

ASUS Laptop Series

When we talk about the ASUS laptop series, you will find that the company categorizes laptops into five categories; For Home, For Work, For Creators, For Students, For Gaming.

Combining all these categories, there are nine laptop series by ASUS, with each series having multiple models. 

This is one of the reasons that ASUS is popular among a wide range of users. There are two primary gaming laptop series by ASUS that is ASUS ROG series and the ASUS TUF Gaming series.

ASUS ROG Series Laptops

ASUS ROG-series laptops are the flagship gaming laptop series by the company that is targeted toward high-end users. ASUS ROG Zephyrus and ASUS ROG Strix series are the two sub-series here and the ROG Zephyrus is one of the best ASUS laptops, particularly known for its versatile features. These gaming laptops are primarily used by gamers but they are often used by other users too due to their high performance.

ASUS TUF Gaming Series Laptops

ASUS TUF Gaming series was released a few years ago and it was targeted toward mid-range users. As the ROG series is out of reach of most users, the ASUS TUF Gaming series provides a sweet spot and that is why it gained popularity soon after it was released, although it is not a premium gaming laptop.

Another great thing about this series is that the reliability of this ASUS gaming laptop is much higher than its competitors, as indicated by the name “TUF”. This series is great for those who cannot afford repairs and want reliable and tough components.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Series Laptops

ASUS ROG Zephyrus series laptops are one of the best gaming laptops on the market. You probably won’t find a better gaming laptop on the market than the ones in this series. These laptops have incredible battery life when we compare ASUS to other gaming laptop brands on the market. Moreover, the build quality of Zephyrus series laptops is just fantastic and premium materials are clearly evident here, as expected by a laptop company like ASUS.

Everything feels perfect in this laptop series, whether you speak about aesthetics, performance, specifications, cooling solution, or whatever. It comes with some of the best NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards, which is why the graphical performance of this laptop is astonishing.

The competitors also unmatch the technical features of the laptops in this series, and that is why a lot of enthusiasts own these laptops. For gamers, even the most demanding games will run at high settings and resolution with fluent FPS.

ASUS ZenBook Series Laptops

ASUS ZenBook series is yet another demanding laptop series these days and it is targeted toward business users who prefer sleek design and good enough performance to run basic tasks. It is not among the premium laptops on the market, although some models in this series are quite pricey.

ASUS ZenBook 13 is a small-sized laptop in this series and is well-known among the student community due to its portability, and it comes with a ScreenPad secondary display. Even though it is not a powerful laptop, it gets the job done when it comes to basic workloads.

Many ASUS laptops are famous for their long battery life but the battery life of ZenBook is just shocking. It comes with the latest Intel Core i-series processors and the efficiency of the laptop is just mind-blowing. Some of these are dual screen laptops too, which is a great thing for content creators.  Some of these laptops come with NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics while others come with Intel Iris Xe graphics.

Many laptops from this series come with a dual display setup, which makes it quite easy to handle certain workloads. The performance of the laptops in this series is although not as good as the ROG Zephyrus series or even the ASUS TUF Gaming series but it still provides better performance than an average laptop on the market.

ASUS ChromeBook and ExpertBook

ASUS ChromeBook and ExpertBook are relatively newer series and the ChromeBook is the cheaper of the two that come with its own operating system, while the ExpertBook is targeted toward business owners.

The ExpertBook is somewhat similar to the XPS series by DELL which is well-known among sophisticated business owners and office workers.

ASUS ProArt StudioBook

ASUS ProArt series products are targeted toward content creators. The high performance of the laptops in this series works wonders for content creators. Even the display is catered for content creators, having marvelous color accuracy and the color gamut is excellent too. It does have an average battery life but that can be expected from high-end ASUS laptops.

These are some of the most powerful laptops on the market, and the performance of some models in this series is even better than the gaming series laptops such as ROG STRIX or the Zephyrus series laptops. The graphics performance of these laptops is jaw-dropping and some of these laptops come with a gorgeous OLED display.

ASUS Desktop Computers

ASUS is not only famous for laptops but is also considered an excellent choice for desktop users. The company divides desktop computers into five categories; All-In-One PCs, Tower PCs, Gaming Tower PCs, Mini PCs, and Workstations.

ASUS All-In-One PCs

ASUS has come up with three AIO series for users and they are named Zen AIO, Everyday Use, and ExpertCenter AIO. 

The Zen AIO is the most popular AIO series and comes with a sleek design and targets sophisticated users. 

The Everyday Use series is targeted toward students and other similar users who want a simple computer for their daily tasks. 

The ExpertCenter AIO is the most powerful AIO PC series by ASUS and is great for those who want a compact yet powerful computer.

ASUS Tower PCs

ASUS Tower PC Series is the most common desktop PC series. There are three PC series in this category that are named ASUS Everyday Use series, ASUS ExpertCenter series, and ASUS ProArt series.

 As you might have guessed by the names, the ASUS Everyday Use series is for those with simple workloads, while the ExpertCenter series is meant for power-hungry workloads. 

ASUS ProArt series, on the other hand, is meant for content creators who require much higher resources than the other two series.

ASUS Gaming Tower PCs

Like the ASUS gaming laptops, the ASUS Gaming Tower PCs are just phenomenal. The performance of these computers is on a whole different level from the non-gaming tower series or the all-in-one PC series.

ASUS Gaming Tower PCs have two series that are ASUS ROG and ASUS ROG Strix. 

ASUS ROG series is the older of the two and comes with dated components, although these PCs are cheaper than the ASUS ROG Strix series. 

ASUS ROG Strix series is the latest gaming PC series by the company and comes with 12th-generation Intel processors up to Core i9. 

The graphics cards used in these PCs are also the latest and you can select up to RTX 3090. These specifications make this one of the best pre-built Gaming PCs on the market.


ASUS Mini PCs are the most compact offerings by the company and are targeted toward those who want an HTPC or something similar. Despite having a very small market share, ASUS offers seven series of Mini PCs, which are the PN series, PB series, PL series, ChromeOS devices, VivoMini, Stick PCs, and ProArt series.

ASUS Workstation Computers

ASUS Workstation computers are although not as popular as some of the other offerings by competitors like HP or DELL but are definitely worth mentioning. 

There are two types of workstation computers by ASUS. One of these workstations uses mainstream components inside such as 12th-generation Intel Core i-series processors, while the other one uses scalable Intel Xeon processors. 

The Xeon-based workstations are much more expensive than the other ones and perform marginally better too. However, the LGA-1700 systems provide better efficiency and have better single-core performance, which might be useful for some people.

ASUS Monitors

Monitors used to be pretty basic a decade ago, however, we have seen a wide variety in the monitor industry in the past few years. 

Now, there are many kinds of displays available in the market and ASUS packs quite a punch in this category. 

ASUS ROG Series Monitors

ASUS ROG-series monitors are the most commonly used gaming monitors by professionals and there is only one reason for this. These monitors provide top-notch quality, while not compromising on the whole value thing. 

Some of these monitors by ASUS are definitely quite expensive, especially those high-refresh-rate monitors with a high resolution, but you will find most of the monitors to be within reach of a mid-range gamer.

Apart from the popular ROG series, ASUS also provides TUF Gaming monitors. The performance of these gaming monitors is quite good for the price they are available, although these monitors do lack the bells and whistles you would expect from a high-end monitor like the ROG-series monitors.

ASUS ProArt Series Monitors

ASUS ProArt series was introduced a couple of years ago and the sole purpose of this series was to provide the content creators with quality components. 

ASUS ProArt-series monitors are one of the best options for professionals who are looking to maximize their potential with top-quality gear. 

ASUS ProArt-series monitors provide Ultra-HD resolution and a wide color gamut while having a delta E of less than 1 for the most part. 

You won’t find these qualities in most monitors on the market, which is why ASUS ProArt is a must-buy for those who are considering entering the domain of content creation.

ASUS ZenScreen Series Monitors

ASUS ZenScreen is quite a unique thing and there are not many models in this series but just the idea of having a portable screen feels pretty awesome. 

There are three models in this series right now, and all these options come with a 1080P resolution and a 15.6-inch screen. These monitors hold the record of the world’s lightest 15.6-inch displays, which is why they are fabulous for portability in the first place.

ASUS EyeCare Series Monitors

ASUS EyeCare-series monitors are meant for low-end users. For those who just want a reliable good-quality monitor that can be looked at for hours, the ASUS EyeCare series should definitely be useful to them. Moreover, these are the cheapest monitors by the company and are often available at a discount.

ASUS Touch Series Monitors

ASUS Touch series is one of the least popular series by the company and the reason is that most people don’t use a touch display, especially when the size of the display is bigger than 17 inches. 

There is only one model in this series, which comes with a 21.5-inch size and provides 1080P resolution. 

ASUS Motherboards

Interestingly, ASUS motherboards are no different from its other products and are well-known among enthusiasts. In fact, some of the best record-braking motherboards are manufactured by ASUS. 

Currently, ASUS motherboards are divided into four series, namely; ASUS ROG, ASUS TUF Gaming, ASUS PRIME, and ASUS Expedition. Let’s have a look at each of them individually.

ASUS ROG Series Motherboards

ASUS ROG motherboard series is the best in class and its high-end models try to provide the best of everything. ASUS designs motherboards for both Intel and AMD platforms, and that is why there are lots of ROG-series motherboards on the market.

Apart from the basic ROG-series motherboards, ASUS offers some unique motherboards too. For the AMD platform, the ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR series has its own class, while for the Intel platform, the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS series tends to be the masterpiece. 

Both ASUS ROG MAXIMUS and ROG CROSSHAIR motherboards are further divided into many models, with the Extreme model being the flagship variant. 

This is one of the priciest motherboards on the market, whether you talk about the Z690 chipset, X570 chipset, or any older chipset. 

ASUS TUF Gaming Series Motherboards

ASUS TUF Gaming series was released a couple of years ago and it was created to target mid-range users who want reliability and a good price-to-performance ratio. 

ASUS TUF Gaming motherboards are our personal favorite when it comes to value. You probably won’t find better-value motherboards on the market than these. 

ASUS TUF Gaming motherboards are well-known for providing supreme performance, to the point that you will be able to overclock the latest flagship processors with ease. 

The I/O features of the motherboards are not as good as the high-end motherboards, but if you look at the value the motherboard is providing, there is no denying the fact that the TUF Gaming series has revolutionized the industry standards.

ASUS PRIME Series Motherboards

ASUS PRIME series is somewhat comparable to the TUF Gaming series but instead of reliability, the focus here is the features. The color theme of the motherboards in this series is different from most motherboards on the market.

ASUS PRIME series motherboards use a white and black color theme. The flagship motherboards specifically use white-colored VRM heatsink and I/O covers, which is why the PRIME series motherboards are a great option for those who want a white-themed rig. 

ASUS Graphics Cards

ASUS is one of the leading graphics card manufacturers and its variants are rated one of the highest among the enthusiast community. It designs graphics card variants for both AMD and NVIDIA.

ASUS Graphics Card Series

ASUS offers many series of graphics cards, namely; ROG Strix, TUF Gaming, Dual, Phoenix, and Cerberus. 

The ROG Strix variants are the flagship variants of the company and are priced much higher than the reference graphics card. The cooling solutions of these graphics cards are top-notch and that is why these graphics cards operate at low temperatures, which also increases their reliability and durability.

The TUF Gaming variants are priced lower than ROG Strix but the performance of these variants is ever so slightly lower. 

These graphics cards are not as good-looking as the ROG Strix models but if you can compromise on that, you should definitely have a look at the TUF Gaming models of your desired graphics card.

The Dual and Phoenix variants are usually used with low or mid-range graphics cards, where a one-fan or two-fan configuration would be enough for cooling. 

The size of PHOENIX variants is well-known for mini-ITX builds, although thermals on these graphics cards are above 75 degrees. The Cerberus variant is not popular and only comes with low-end graphics cards.

How to Buy a Graphics Card

Buying a graphics card is not an easy thing when you have tons of options available on the market. That is why we have created this guide for those who are looking to buy a graphics card but are knowledgeable about them.

Selecting the Model

First of all, you have to choose whether you want to buy an AMD graphics card or an NVIDIA graphics card. AMD graphics cards provide better value and are compatible with FreeSync monitors, while NVIDIA graphics cards provide better RayTracing, features like DLSS, and are compatible with NVIDIA GSync monitors.

Once you select whether to go with the Red Team or the Green Team, you can choose the graphics card model. NVIDIA is running the RTX 3000-series graphics cards right now, while AMD is running the RX 6000-series graphics cards. 

If you want top-notch performance and are not worried about the budget, you can go with the RTX 3090 / Ti, AMD RX 6950 XT, RX 6900 XT, etc. These graphics cards ensure top-class performance and you will be able to enjoy 4K gaming fluently as well.

If you want a mid-range graphics card that can do gaming on high settings at 1440P resolution, you can go for NVIDIA RX 3070 / Ti or AMD RX 6800 / XT. If you have a budget of around $800, you might be able to find amazing deals on RTX 3080.  

For low-end users, who want to enjoy 1080P gaming at medium to high settings, NVIDIA RTX 3050 or RX 6600 XT are excellent options, as these graphics cards are available for less than three hundred bucks. 

Selecting the Variant

Selecting a particular variant of a graphics card is also quite a difficult decision, as each company offers multiple variants for a single model. 

You should try to get a mid-range variant such as ASUS TUF Gaming variants, as they provide the best value and are not as pricey as the flagship variants, which cost way more.

Power Requirements

A graphics card is one of the most power-hungry components in a computer system and that is why you should always look at the power consumption of a graphics card because you might buy a graphics card with high power consumption that your power supply might not be able to support.

Physical Compatibility

Apart from power consumption, make sure that the graphics card you are buying can physically fit inside your case. Some high-end graphics cards are more than 12 inches long, which is why they won’t fit in small mid-tower cases.


ASUS is one of the largest companies that are associated with computer technological products and no matter what the category is, you will see an ASUS product shining at the top.

ASUS not only focuses on the high-end but also provides a mid-range series of products that are beneficial for value-lovers. In fact, its mid-range series like ASUS TUF Gaming products are highly superior to other competitors on the market. 

Overall, ASUS products are worth every penny no matter which category or which price range you talk about. Its pre-built desktop PCs give you a wide range of choices, while the same can be said about its laptop series.

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