Best X470 Motherboards

The latest AMD Ryzen processors use the B550 and X570 chipsets but the price of the motherboards based on these chipsets is too much. The X470 chipset motherboards are a great alternative, as they are available at lower prices and yet provide quality features that attract high-end users. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best X470 motherboards that you can consider getting for your build in 2022.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

One of the advantages of using X470 chipset motherboards is that they do not support PCI-E 4.0, which is not a deal-breaker for most people, as there is barely any hardware that can fully take advantage of PCI-E 4.0. The VRMs of the X470 motherboards are good enough to handle high-end processors and you can easily overclock the Ryzen 5000-series processors to high clock rates, going as high as 4.5 GHz, as long as you are not thermally throttled.

Quick Shopping Tips

There is a wide selection of motherboards available on the market, so you might be wondering how we chose these specific X470 models. Make sure you get a motherboard that will last a long time. It would be best to consider many essential things when shopping for the right X470 motherboard. 

VRM: It is essential to consider the VRM before choosing the right X470 motherboard for your processor. The power delivery system or VRM on the motherboard handles converting the direct power from the power supply into the processor’s form. A VRM is implemented as a buck converter with a straightforward layout, but its components differ from typical switching regulators.

Form Factor: There are three different sizes of form factors of desktop computer motherboards that you can choose from. The first is the ATX motherboard, which is the most common motherboard these days. The second one is Micro ATX, and the third is Mini ITX. As compared to the other two form factors, ATX motherboards are larger. They are equipped with improved VRMs and more PCIe slots.

RAM Slots: When choosing the correct X470 motherboard for your processor, you should pay special attention to the RAM slots on the motherboard. It is recommended that you purchase a motherboard with 4 RAM slots or more because these types of motherboards are future-proof, so you can add more RAM if necessary.

Best X470 Motherboards Summary

Award Image Model Price
Best Budget X470 Motherboard MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max See On Amazon
Best Overall X470 Motherboard Asus Rog Strix X470-F Gaming Asus Rog Strix X470-F Gaming See On Amazon
Best Performance X470 Motherboard ASRock X470 Taichi ASRock X470 Taichi See On Amazon
Best ATX X470 Motherboard Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming See On Amazon
Best Flagship X470 Motherboard Asus Rog Crosshair VII Hero Asus Rog Crosshair VII Hero See On Amazon

Best X470 Motherboards At a Glance:

Best X470 Motherboards Reviews

MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max (Image credit: Amazon)

MSI X470 Gaming Plus Max

Best Budget X470 Motherboard

MSI X470 GAMING PLUS MAX is one of the cheapest motherboards with the X470 chipset. In fact, it is cheaper than many B450 motherboards as of now too, which is why it is an excellent choice for budget gamers. The MAX variant was introduced later by the company that has the capability of natively hosting the AMD Ryzen 3000-series processors without any BIOS update. The VRM of the motherboard is good enough for overclocking mid-range Ryzen processors, while the I/O of the motherboard is at least better than low-end B450 motherboards.

Asus Rog Strix X470-F Gaming (Image credit: Amazon)

Asus Rog Strix X470-F Gaming

Best Overall X470 Motherboard

ASUS ROG Strix X470-F is a high-end motherboard based on the X470 chipset. Unlike the previous motherboard, the price of this motherboard is similar to the mid to high-end B550 motherboards, however, the features of this motherboard make it a more attractive product than most B550 motherboards. The design of the motherboard feels amazing, its VRM is capable of handling any high-end processor and you will find high-end I/O features in this motherboard too.

ASRock X470 Taichi (Image credit: Amazon)

ASRock X470 Taichi

Best Performance X470 Motherboard

ASROCK X470 Taichi is one of the best X470 motherboards. The performance of this motherboard is on par with the flagship motherboards from ASUS, GIGABYTE, or MSI. It comes with superb quality VRM components that are capable of overclocking even the processors like AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. Since it is becoming a dated motherboard, you might be able to get it at a much lower rate than most modern motherboards for Ryzen processors.

Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming (Image credit: Amazon)

Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

Best ATX X470 Motherboard

GIGABYTE X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING is a high-end motherboard by the company that is based on the X470 chipset. It falls below the ASROCK Taichi or the ROG Strix in terms of performance but its performance is more than what an average user can ask of. GIGABYTE motherboards are famous for their beautiful designs and that is why this motherboard can be a suitable option for those who like the designs of this motherboard more than the previous motherboards.

Asus Rog Crosshair VII Hero (Image credit: Amazon)

Asus Rog Crosshair VII Hero

Best Flagship X470 Motherboard

ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VII is a flagship motherboard by the company and the performance of this motherboard is much better than other motherboards on the list. The price of this motherboard is more than even modern motherboards but it provides high-end I/O features that you will probably not find in most modern motherboards.


There are various types of motherboards available on the market with different specifications and prices. We have listed our top picks of the best X470 motherboards above in this article. After reading this article, you should have a clear understanding of how to choose the best motherboard for your processor.

The motherboards that are reviewed above will give you brilliant performance in gaming and other tasks. Combine these motherboards with a high-performance AMD Ryzen processor to maximize their performance. The motherboards are equipped with very high-quality VRMs and improved PCIe slots.

The motherboards listed above have different form factors, ATX, MINI ITX and Micro ATX. Pick a motherboard with the right form factor that will fit into your PC case. Atx motherboards are good because they come with improved VRMs and more RAM slots, but be sure to buy a motherboard that is affordable for you without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is X470 still good in 2022?

Even in 2022, the X470 chipset is still considered a good and efficient chipset for AMD gaming processors. There are motherboards with X470 chipsets that may not be able to work or support the newest and latest processors. Despite their age, the VRMs of the X470 chipsets are still very capable of overclocking.

Which is better X470 or X570?

There is no doubt that the most significant improvement in the X570 chipset is the improved VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) for processors and RAM wiring specifications. The X570 chipset is power-hungry compared to the X470 chipset because it requires 15 Watts of TDP, whereas X470 chipsets require only a TDP of 5Watts.

X470 vs X570? Which chipset is best?

The X470 and X570 chipsets are the same, and there’s no major difference except that the X570 chipset has better VRM than X470. If you do not want to spend money on an X570 chipset motherboard, you can use an X470 chipset motherboard.

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