It’s a very common question among budget gamers that is Intel Core i3 good for gaming or not these days? A few years back, when Ryzen was not in the market, most people considered the Intel Core i3 processors because they were cheap and affordable and could still take on gaming.

When comparing the Intel Core i3 with modern flagship processors, which offer eight or more cores and double threads, the i3 with four cores looks weak. Also, we are getting four cores in the processor from the past few generations, as back then, there were only two cores and four threads in this processor.

So let’s check out whether older or newer generations of Intel Core i3 are worth considering for gaming for productivity tasks and other options we’ve got.

Is Intel Core i3 Good for Gaming or Productivity?

In short, yes, if you have a tight budget, then Intel Core i3 will be the best option you can consider for gaming and other multi-tasking work.

Kevin Penson
Love to build gaming rigs, play games and do benchmarks on them and write about them. That's all that I've in my hobbies.