Using only a keyboard and mouse for gaming on a computer can be very tiring; that’s where the controller comes in. Everyone knows playing on a controller is much more easy and more comfortable than holding a keyboard, especially in fighting games like Tekken or Mortal Kombat.

Xbox 360 controller is one of the most universally acclaimed controllers, coming in both wired and wireless variants, but can you really connect it wirelessly without any receiver?

Wired or Wireless?

Normally, using the wired version is the best and easiest due to the plug-and-play option and no worrying of latency or lag, but sometimes you want to play hassle-free without any wires. That’s where the problems lie. The Bluetooth variant of the Xbox 360 controller cannot be connected to windows wirelessly due to having different frequencies for the establishment of a wireless connection.

Unlike the new Xbox controllers, the old 360 controllers need a receiver to connect wirelessly on computers. On top of that, you cannot even connect the cable on the wireless version of the Xbox 360 controllers as the cable only allows power and not data transfer, making your controller useless.

So, what can We do?

  • Go for the wired variant of the Xbox 360 controller. The wired version is as popular as the wireless version, and you can easily find them on eBay and Amazon.
  • Buy a third-party wireless controller like Logitech; having alternative options like Logitech is always a nice idea. Logitech makes one of the best controllers in the market and has all types of controllers ranging from low-end budget to high-end depending on your pocket.
  • Buy a receiver or an adapter for your wireless Xbox 360 controller; Buying a receiver is the easiest option as you can easily find a receiver anywhere, whether in your local area or online. You can get either the official gaming receiver or go for Chinese knock-offs, which are sold for almost nothing.

How to set up your wireless Xbox 360 controller with your computer

As mentioned, having a receiver is the easiest option. It’s quite struggle-free and you can connect it to your computer in no time.

All you need to do is:

  • Attach your wireless receiver to your computer on which you want to use your Xbox 360 controller.
  • Install the driver and wait for the installation to take place.
  • Pair your Xbox 360 controller with your computer.

Attaching the receiver:

Attaching the receiver to your desktop is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is to find any USB 2.0 port on your desktop, attach the receiver to it and you are good to go.

The receiver will start up immediately and a green light will blink on the adapter followed by installation of the drivers and the required software, Windows 10 usually installs the driver automatically for the controller. In case you are unable to install the required software, go over to the internet and manually install them. After successfully installing, the Xbox controller will be good to go. Try testing the controller on any game once you are finished installing to confirm if it is working or not.

Manual installation:

Many times the controller cannot detect the drivers either due to a faulty USB port or due to no driver DVD, In case you have misplaced the DVD or just want to install the latest driver for your controller, head over to the internet and do as follows:

  • Visit this.
  • Go to the software download section and type “XBOX” in the search section.
  • Select gaming as the product type.
  • Choose Xbox 360 Wireless Controller For Windows as the product.
  • Select the Windows version that you are currently running on your desktop.
  • Pick your OS language and then click download.
  • Select Run.
  • The setup wizard will activate and install all the drivers.

Linking the controller with your desktop

Now that you have installed all of the drivers, head over to the controller and do as follows:

●     Turn on your wireless controller by pressing the guide button.

●     Press the circular connect button on the receiver. The button is placed in the middle of the receiver.

●     The light will begin flashing green as soon as it’s turned on.

●     Now press the circular connect button on the controller placed on the front edge of the controller.

The green light blinking indicates that the devices are linking. When they stop blinking, one of the lights around the guide button will keep on shining, telling that the controller is successfully linked.

Best alternative controllers:

Logitech F710

One of the most comfortable controllers in the market, F710 is really compact, making it ideal for long gaming hours, and offers customizable controls with dual vibration and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity for smooth and lag-free gaming.

Orda wireless gamepad

Being a PS4 controller, Orda is one of the best alternative controllers for both PlayStation and PC offering dual shock motors, a headphone jack, and an ergonomic sweat-proof design. It requires one ion battery for operating.

Easysmx wireless gaming controller

Costing a lot cheaper, this controller features strong wireless transmission with 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and four programmable buttons, two joysticks, and XYAB buttons with customizable LED brightness control and vibration intensity. It requires two AA batteries to operate.


While there is no option of using the wireless Xbox 360 controller without the receiver, We have discussed plenty of alternatives for you to decide and now it is up to you which one you want to go for. There are many receivers in the market and they cost pretty cheap, so it is best to purchase a receiver if you want to use your Xbox 360 controller with your computer.

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