Modern PC hardware has changed the way of PC gaming and now it is all about who has gotten the better hardware. AMD and Intel both have worked pretty hard to reach this point where even mainstream gaming processors have more than ten cores. In this article, we will be looking at the best CPU for 1440p gaming in 2023.

Intel released the Alder Lake processors last year, and the Raptor Lake processors are due at the end of this year. These 12th-generation processors were the first ones that came with two kinds of cores, and this decision proved to be great for Intel, as the multi-core performance of these processors is much better than its AMD counterparts. 

AMD, on the other hand, released the Ryzen 5000-series processors around two years ago, and now the Ryzen 7000-series processors are to be launched in a couple of months. These processors do not come with two kinds of cores, although the core count of these processors is usually higher than the performance cores of Core i-series processors.

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For 1440P gaming, it is important to note that you require a high-end graphics card that is capable of providing fluent fps. The need for a high-end CPU is also there, but the main focus should be on the graphics card, especially if you don’t own a high-refresh-rate monitor.

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The 5 Best CPU for 1440p Gaming Reviews

This processor is one of the industry-leading CPUs that can deliver realistic gaming graphics and provide you with a huge in-game advantage. It comes with whopping 6 cores and16 threads which allow it to handle multitasking effectively. Plus I7 11700k has a 3.60 GHz base frequency and 5.00 GHz of maximum turbo frequency, thanks to which its overclocking abilities are unrivaled in its pricetag.

I7 11700k is also backed by 16 MB of Smart Cache. The Cache plays an important role in system processing by storing the data temporarily until it is needed so that it can be loaded quickly when required. Plus this processor comes with a 350 MHz graphics base frequency and 1.30 GHz of graphics maximum frequency. It can also work at full speed at 100°C and it has an FCLGA1200 CPU socket.

This processor supports PCIe 4.0 and there are at least 20 PCIe express lanes. I7 11700k is also compatible with DDR4-3200 and it can handle 128 GB of memory. Plus it comes with its own thermal solution which manages the temperature of the build. Moreover, it has a TDP of 125 W. It is available online for $340-$350 which is quite budget-friendly especially if we consider all the amazing features I7 11700k has.

Ryzen 5800X is one of the best CPUs for 1440p gaming as it is equipped with amazing overclocking abilities and a decent clock boost. This processor comes with 8 cores and 16 threads that are enough to support AAA titles. Moreover, it has a base clock of 3.8 GHz that can be boosted to 4.7 GHz to overwhelm any challenge and provide consistent output.

It can also handle multiple complex tasks at the same time. Plus Ryzen 5800X has 4 MB of L2 cache and 32 MB of L3 Cache to store data efficiently for faster processing. It comes with an AM4 socket so it would require an AM4 socket motherboard. Furthermore, Ryzen 5800X supports DDR4 memory up to 32000 MHz which is more than enough for high-end gaming. 

Ryzen 5800X also features advanced technologies to speed up the system processing and ensure stable results are delivered. This processor incorporates AMD StoreMI Technology, AMD Ryzen™ VR-Ready Premium, and AMD Ryzen™ Master Utility. Its default TDP is 105W and it can operate at the maximum temperature of 90°C. So you rest assured this processor can handle the heat produced during intense gaming sessions. You can buy Ryzen 5800X for $349-$355 which is quite reasonable.

I5 12600K is one of the most powerful processors that can support 4k gaming. It is a great option for multitasking as it has 10 cores and 16 threads. This processor was made to deliver unparalleled performance and provide excellent overclocking performance. Plus it supports 128 GB through 2 different memory channels. It is a great choice for gamers and overclockers alike.

This processor also has amazing graphic support which helps it in playing heavy graphics games without any lag. The 300 MHz Graphics Base Frequency and 1.45 GHz Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency allow it to deliver high-resolution shots with consistent fps. In addition, I5 12600K comes with a 20 MB Smart Cache along with 9.5 L2 Cache which improves system efficiency. It can run at full speed even at 100°C so just make sure your build does not heat up to this point. 

Plus I5 12600K has a base frequency of 3.70 GHz and a maximum Turbo Frequency of 4.90 GHz. The overclocking ability of this processor is also top-notch and it comes with PCI2 4.0 support to make the most out of your graphics cards. Moreover, this processor integrates various performance-boosting technologies i.e. Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, etc. It is available on most online platforms for $290-$300.

Ryzen 5600X is one of the best gaming processors as it comes equipped with a decent number of cores and threads along with high-quality specs. It can also handle long hours of gaming and overclocking without heating up. Plus this processor comes with a base clock speed of 3.7 GHz that can be boosted up to 4.6 GHz to deliver uninterrupted output.

It is more than capable of handling different tasks at the same time thanks to 6 cores and 12 threads. There is also 3MB of L2 Cache and 32 MB of L3 Cache that stores data so that it is readily available for loading and there is no lagging. Furthermore, Ryzen 5600X supports DDR4 memory up to 3200 MHz. It is also PCIe 4.0 ready to deliver HD graphics and enhanced memory performance.

Ryzen 5600X is also backed by AMD StoreMi technology and AMD Ryzen™ Master Utility; which play an active role in providing boosted performance. The default TDP of this processor is 65W and it comes with an AM4 CPU socket. Additionally, it can operate at 95°C and it comes with a thermal solution to keep the temperature down. You can buy it from Amazon for just $220-$240.

I5 11600K has everything that a CPU should have to support the latest games. It is also future-proof so you won’t need to change your processor again and again. It comes with a 3.90 GHz base frequency that can be boosted to 4.90 GHz to deliver unparalleled gaming performance. There is also 12 MB of smart cache that plays a vital role in accelerating the PC commands.

This processor has 6 cores and 12 threads that help this processor in taking care of multiple complex tasks at the same time. Plus the TDP of this processor is 25W and the bus speed is 8 GT/s. I5 11600K also supports 128 GB of DDR4-3200 memory through 2 different memory channels and 50 GB/s is its max memory bandwidth. 

Moreover, I5 11600K delivers amazing graphics quality with the help of 4k support, 64 GB graphic video memory, and 1.30 GHz graphic turbo frequency. Also, it integrates tons of different advanced technologies to optimize the CPU performance and handle long hours of uninterrupted gaming. All these features make I5 11600K one of the best CPUs for 1440p gaming. Last but not least, you can buy it online for just $230-$240 which is quite reasonable.

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