With the release of Unreal Engine 5, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles, we have come out of the days when 1080p gaming was considered superior. However, 1440p is the least and most popular resolution for the majority. Since PC hardware costs quite a bit and the higher the resolution, the more powerful and expensive the PC is going to be so, this is one of the reasons behind 1440p’s popularity as it provides the sweet spot between fidelity and performance, also this is why we’re going to discuss which is the best CPU for 1440p gaming.

Intel and AMD are competing with each other to become the most loved and profitable company of CPU manufacturing with the highest shares in the market. And this competition has been a lifesaver for the consumers, which got them a lot of great value CPU options to choose from.

With each passing generation, both Intel and AMD try to do something unprecedented which would attract more and more consumers toward them. But the question remains about the best CPU for 1440p. Many things need to be considered, and the most important is the budget; Intel’s Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors, as well as the Zen 4-based AMD chips, are a little expensive, but they ensure that you’re investing for convenience in the future.

Ryzen 5 5600 Best Overall Processor Ryzen 5 5600 Read More See On Amazon
Ryzen 7 5700G Best Integrated Graphics Processor Ryzen 7 5700G Read More See On Amazon
Intel Core i7 12700K Best Gaming Processor Intel Core i7 12700K Read More See On Amazon
Intel Core i5 13400F Best Budget Gaming Processor Intel Core i5 13400F Read More See On Amazon
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D Best High-End Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D Read More See On Amazon
AMD Ryzen 5 7600 Best Mid-Range Processor AMD Ryzen 5 7600 Read More See On Amazon

The older Ryzen 5000 series chips are still the most popular and in-demand chips due to their overall low platform cost and excellent processing performance, giving them a lot of headroom before going obsolete. Those chips are great for gaming at 1440p resolution with the right graphics card.

Not just that, some of them, like the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, can even provide an unrestrained 4K gaming experience for many years to come, which shows that you do not necessarily need the highest level component to be in the game. And in this article, we will discuss the best value-for-money chips you could grab according to your budget and needs for a resolution like 2560x1440.

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Best CPU for 1440p Gaming Reviews

Ryzen 5 5600

Ryzen 5 5600

Best Overall Processor

  • +Bunch of great features.
  • +Unlocked processor.
  • +Comes with a decent-looking stock cooler.
  • +Hexa-core chip design.
  • +Tempting MSRP.
  • No iGPU for troubleshooting.

Two years after Zen 3-based Ryzen CPUs were released, AMD quietly released an interesting chip with an even more exciting price tag. This time it is the Ryzen 5 5600 non-X variant. This could be confusing as to why AMD would do such a thing. But it was a great move in times of chip shortage; this non-X variant does exactly what the X-variant does.

Like the 5600X, this one also comes with the same number of cores and threads - 6 cores and 12 threads. This combination is the new standard for modern-day gaming at a higher resolution, like 1440P or more. Since we all know that games become GPU-dependent on resolutions like 2K and higher, this will be more than enough for all your needs and could be paired with even a mid-range graphics card to become the combo of best CPU and GPU for 1440p gaming.

The processor has the same size L3 cache as the R5 5600x, which is 32MB. However, unlike the R5 5600x, this slightly reduces its base and boosts clock speeds - 3.5 and 4.4GHz, respectively, instead of the 3.7 and 4.6GHz. Fortunately, even with a speed reduction, the processor performs identically - making it a more tempting purchase for the guys of the new builders.

The price tag is the cherry on top, coming at around 140$ now compared to the 160-170$ of the X-variant. This makes this product a great value for money. This CPU also comes with the same wraith stealth cooler as the R5 5600x, which keeps this 65W chip cool at no additional cost. But a better cooler would allow you to overclock this CPU and get an additional bump in performance.

Ryzen 7 5700G

Ryzen 7 5700G

Best Integrated Graphics Processor

  • +Baked in Vega 8 graphics.
  • +Can be overclocked.
  • +Stock cooler is included in the package.
  • +Octa-core processor.
  • +Decently priced.
  • None actually.

Ryzen 7 5700G is from AMD’s APU lineup, which comes with great performance right out of the box due to the Zen 3 architecture. This APU came into the wild one year after the release of Zen 3-based CPUs. This APU and the Ryzen 5 5600G changed the perspective about APUs and small form factor gaming PC builds. However, it still is a processor at the core, which means by pairing it with a powerful graphics card, we can game at decent frame rates without any major problem whatsoever.

Regarding the specs, the APU comes with an L3 cache of 16MB - which is quite new for APUs, but technology is advancing pretty fast, so it was inevitable anyway. Like the other Ryzen 7 CPUs, this APU also comes in an 8 cores 16 threads format and could help out big time in multitasking or work related to rendering or animation where extra cores and threads come into play. As for power, this APU is efficient, having a TDP of 65W even with a graphics unit baked into it whose performance-wise matches the likes of a GT 1030 as it has Radeon Vega 8 graphics. This doesn’t seem like a lot of power, but this much performance at no additional cost is great.

This APU has a base clock of 3.8GHz for the clocks, which boosts to a whopping 4.6GHz on its own. Like the other Ryzen processors, this one is also overclockable if given a great-performing CPU cooler, as the included wraith stealth cooler would struggle to keep it cool at higher clocks than the stock ones. This package nowadays can be bought for around 180$ new boxed pack - making it a worth-picking product for gaming at 1440P resolution.

Intel Core i7 12700K

Intel Core i7 12700K

Best Gaming Processor

  • +Comes with an iGPU.
  • +Unlocked chip for overclocking.
  • +Supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory.
  • +Octa + Quad-core hybrid layout.
  • +Discounted price.
  • +25MB cache memory.
  • No stock cooler.

Intel revolutionized how we see a processor and opted for a hybrid approach by baking two different kinds of cores into one chip. Intel also increased the core/thread count of its processor lineup to give an edge to its competitor. This 12th gen CPU is based on Intel’s Alder Lake architecture and 10nm fabrication process. The processor packs huge chunks of power and competes with Ryzen 9 5900x from its competitor company.

The 12700K has a total core count of 12, and in those 12 cores, 8 performance cores have a base speed of 3.6GHz that goes up to 4.9GHz. However, the 4 efficient cores are rather weak to stay as efficient as possible with the base and boost clock of 2.7GHz and 3.8GHz. The performance cores are present to help out in intensive situations, while the efficient cores are for normal usage where not much power is needed, and both can boost 5.0GHz combined. As for the threads, the processor packs 20 threads instead of 16, like the 11th generation.

The processor is the best CPU for 1440p gaming because of the power it holds within itself, and it can also do 4k if you upgrade your graphics card. But there’s a catch: the lack of a stock cooler makes sense because it’s a 125W chip and requires a capable CPU cooler.

Choosing this processor gives you an upgrade path to look forward to and provides more value to the consumer as it costs around 170-180$ nowadays. And not to mention this processor also comes with Intel UHD 770 integrated graphics for light gaming and troubleshooting.

Intel Core i5 13400F

Intel Core i5 13400F

Best Budget Gaming Processor

  • +Good enough stock cooler.
  • +Unlocked chip for overclocking.
  • +Can work with DDR5 as well as DDR4.
  • +More cores and threads.
  • +Acceptable price.
  • Absence of an iGPU.
  • Locked processor.

Intel made some quite big changes with the 13th generation by increasing the specs of its CPUs, and this time they also did it with the i5 13400F, a locked chip from Intel for budget PC builders that provides an unhindered user experience and value. 

This time around, Intel upped the L3 cache and base and boost frequencies compared to the i5 12400F. Intel made this processor using the 7nm fabrication process, and they call it the Raptor Lake architecture. The processor has 6x performance and 4x efficient cores, which makes it 12 in total and turns the total threads into 16 instead of 12. The performance cores come with a base clock of 2.5GHz and boost to around 4.6GHz. On the other hand, the efficient cores come with a meager base and boost of 1.8 and 3.3GHz. However, the processor itself can boost to a staggering 4.6GHz when needed. 

The fact that this processor works on the same LGA1700 socket implies that, like the previous generation of processors, this one is also compatible with DDR5 and DDR4 memory, depending on the type of motherboard you would pick. Also, this is a 1440p gaming CPU, as it has the potential to handle mid-range to high-end graphics cards.

Additionally, like all other Intel’s F series processors, this one also lacks an integrated GPU, which helps lower the CPU price for those who don’t need an iGPU for their work or use case. Last but not least, the i5 13400F also comes bundled with a stock cooler which performs and looks significantly better than Intel’s old stock coolers.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

Best High-End Processor

  • +Excellent processing power.
  • +Unprecedented 3D V-cache tech.
  • +Great value for money.
  • +Steal-deal price.
  • Doesn’t feature an iGPU.
  • Can’t be overclocked.

Ryzen 7 5800X3D is another chip from AMD that they released 2 years after the 5000 series Zen 3-based Ryzen processors launch. This processor is the last nail in the coffin from AMD for the Ryzen 5000 series of processors, which is a powerful one. AMD first released a Ryzen chip that can’t be overclocked and is completely locked like Intel’s non-K series processors. 

Like its non-3D iteration, the processor has the same number of cores and threads, 8 cores and 16 threads, without any kind of hybrid approach like Intel’s 12th and 13th gen CPUs. However, this time AMD has used 3D V-cache technology, which means a substantial boost in performance in layperson’s terms. What AMD has done here is they stacked up cache layers vertically on the CPU die to increase its cache capacity to 96MB and overall performance, making it look 3D-like hence the name 5800X3D. Doing this isn’t cheap, which is why Ryzen 7 5800X3D costs a lot more than the standard Ryzen 7 5000 chips. 

The best CPU for 2k gaming is because of its unique way of delivering performance into the wild and competing with the i9 12900K. All this was possible by giving this CPU a TDP of 105W and locking it to a 4.5GHz boost clock. Unlike other Ryzen 7 processors, this one comes without any thermal solution, so a decent-performing cooler is much needed here. This beast of a processor can be bought for around 320-330$, which is an insane value in that price bracket.

AMD Ryzen 5 7600

AMD Ryzen 5 7600

Best Mid-Range Processor

  • +Long upgrade path.
  • +Great price-to-performance ratio.
  • +Comes with a decent-performing iGPU.
  • +The Wraith Stealth cooler is bundled in the package.
  • DDR5 memory is not cheap.

AMD finally says goodbye to the AM4 socket with the release of the 7000 series Zen 4 architecture-based processors that require AM5 socket and DDR5 memory to work with. This also sets the roadmap for more exciting Ryzen technology to come in the future. AMD finally released the new non-X variants of the 7000 series processors which were much needed. This Ryzen 5 7600 comes at a tempting price of 230$ only and tries to compete with processors like the i5 13600K. This also makes it a great contender for the best cpu for 1440p gaming category.

Like the whole Ryzen lineup, this one also comes exclusively with the old traditional way of cores and threads and we do not see any kind of bump in that either which means we still get 6 CPU cores and 12 threads. The processor is based on the 5nm fabrication process and has a TDP of 65W only to be as efficient as possible. When it comes to the base and boost clock, we get some impressive figures there like 3.8GHz for the base and 5.1GHz for the boost clocks. Moving further, we also discover that this non-X chip also features an iGPU which helps in gaming at a minimal level until you get yourself a powerful graphics card or in times of troubleshooting.

Another good thing that AMD with this chip did was the inclusion of a stock cooler which is the good old Wraith Stealth from the past. The processor in conclusion is a great value and a decent investment towards future-proofing your platform. One thing to note here is that the investment is not going to be cheap as DDR5 is not cheap as well as the AM5 motherboards. However, it is still a much better choice rather than investing in a 13th gen platform if you have plans to settle down once and for all.


I chose these processors because they cover all the major scenarios one could have in mind before purchasing. 1440p is currently the most popular resolution among the PC as the newer consoles have also gone from 1080p to 1440p and 2160p gaming. However, it is not challenging to run games at 1440p and requires a lot of demanding hardware.

If you want to indulge in 1440p gaming with a minimal cost either because you have a tight budget or it’s all you need, then you could use Ryzen 5 5600 or the Ryzen 7 5700G. Both are priced under 200$ and provide great value for their price. Being from the AM4 platform, which utilizes DDR4 memory, makes it easy to build your 1440p gaming machine on the lowest possible budget. 

However, if you wish to build a little more future-proof build but don’t have much to spend, then the Ryzen 7 5800X3D is your best bet as it is a complete powerhouse while being an inexpensive piece of hardware. From now on, if you wish to build something with the latest DDR5 memories to make your future upgrades less bothersome, then you can pick the core i5 13400F or the i7 12700K, as they run on the same platform and could be selected based on the work you want to put on them. 

In the same situation, if you want to stay on the team Red, you can go for the newly launched Ryzen 5 7600, which costs significantly less and leaves more budget to spend on the graphics card. Do note, though, that the likes of the 5800X3D and i7 12700K require a beefy cooler to be coupled with to deliver maximum performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What CPU is best for 1440p gaming?

We can’t name a single CPU as the best one for 1440p as everyone has different needs and wants and would choose a CPU according to that. He will look for alternatives and will select the one which suits his requirements in the best way possible.

Does 1440p use more GPU or CPU?

Games tend to become more GPU-dependent as we push the resolution scale high. This is because of the need for more GPU processing power instead of the CPU. however, it doesn’t indicate that you can cheap out on the CPU as a powerful CPU is also needed to help out the graphics card into pushing things up.

What PC specs do I need for 1440p?

It depends on what you want and how you want to experience at 1440p resolution; if you’re good with medium settings, you wouldn’t need to spend as much as the guy who wants to game at Ultra. But still, you’re better off with something like the Ryzen 5 5600 or Intel 13400F with a decent graphics card like RX 6700 XT or RTX 3070.

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