Best Modded PS4 Controller

A Round Up of some Good Looking PS4 Modded Controllers.

A PS4 is a perfect option for enjoying modern games, especially now that gaming PCs cost a lot more than consoles. In fact, PS5 is quite expensive and out of reach for many gamers. That is why PS4 seems to provide the best value right now, as it includes support for lots of games, and you can still enjoy the latest titles. 

Now, when it comes to controllers, there has been a significant change in the industry of controllers, and now a lot of third-party controllers are available in the market, where previously we only had a couple of companies manufacturing them. 

A modded controller allows the user to have a better layout of buttons, which is why this concept is getting more popular day by day. A lot of modded controllers are available in the market, and they provide extra buttons, unique color themes, and button remapping.

Some of the modded controllers come with a chip that is designed to perform a lot of functions such as allowing you to configure its settings through an application on your smartphone. This allows much better accessibility compared to older designs where you had to follow a particular button combination for changing the settings. In this article, we will be checking the best modded PS4 controllers.

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Best Modded PS4 Controller Reviews

Modern warfare is perhaps one of the most played online competitive multiplayer and to get the full advantage over your opponent, a modded version of a PS4 controller has been launched. The Modern Warfare PS4 Mod Controller comes with mods that give you the much-needed edge in the game.

The controller comes with a Rapid fire mod which allows you to access 4 firing modes, Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Dual Trigger, and Akimbo. These mods let you access the fire power of your weapons that will leave your opponents scratching their heads on how to counter you. Furthermore, you get access to features like Fast Reload, Sniper Breath, Auto Heal, Jump and Drop Shot to complete those high-speed maneuvers with ease and finesse.

You will become a COD menace as your aim becomes more precise, you heal more efficiently and you get that kill even when you’re jumping about. The controller looks like a traditional black controller but with a juggernaut sticker on the bottom right corner. It has received quite positive feedback from the COD community and even if you use it for other games you will see the difference between your performance and response time.

If you want a surreal and futuristic-looking controller then there is none better than the Space-Time PS4 Mod Controller. With this controller, you get enhanced capabilities that will let you have that edge that online multiplayer so heavily depends on.

The controller comes equipped with turbo mode technology which lets you experience video games on another level no matter what genre they are such as Esports, FPS, battle royale, adventures, fighting. The tech gives you the ability to do a complex combination of buttons using the two special turbo buttons present at the back of the controllers. The controller gives you the ability to do the standard remap, continuous button presses double and triple taps along with custom timings and other features.

The color scheme of the controller is a purple bluish one which gives it a really strong surreal aesthetic feel and the ability to customize your macros just makes it an all-around controller that will let you take your gaming to the next level. The design is ergonomic and the LED indicator just makes the user interface quite easy when you are interacting with the modchip present in the controller. Using this controller will be a good choice and it won’t disappoint you should you make it your primary PS controller.

The Blue Flames PS4 Mod controller is all about performance and giving you that advantage over the other online players. It’s not all performance though; as the blue flame color scheme lets you showcase your controller thus giving you that confidence and developing a mindset of a raging fire that will triumph over all others.

The controller comes with a variety of mods that you can add and customize to your liking so that your gaming performance is enhanced and your character can move faster, reload quickly, and sprint at a constant pace along with many other mods that can be found on the mods menu. You can add these mods to your controller either individually or using them by setting a gaming profile.

 The aesthetic look of the controller is a traditional one but with blue flames included on the bottom thus making for a very visually pleasing look. The controller is compatible with all kinds of mods which can be accessed by the onboard mod button during that high-intensity gameplay. These mods are supported in all the major competitive titles in the market which include COD, destiny, Apex Legends, Destiny, and many more.

The American Flag ps4 mod controller comes with 11+ mods such as the Akimbo, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Auto Heal, Auto Spot, Dropshot, Jumpshot, Dual Trigger, Fast Reload, Quick Scope, Rapid Fire, Sniper Breath, Zombie Auto Aim.

It lets you take advantage of these mods without any extra tweaking and you can use the mods on the controller out of the box. It even comes with the latest firmware update so you don’t have to worry about any updating either.

The back buttons give you the ability to let you configure them and you can do that to suit your play style whether it’s fast or slow. Your accuracy, speed, and general performance will greatly improve by configuring these fully programmable back buttons and help you get the advantage in online competitive multiplayer whether they’re the FPS like COD and APEX or racing simulators like Rocket league. Not only that your playing experience will greatly improve as well when you use the controller as your primary one when gaming on your Playstation console.

The controller which is a perfect combination of design and performance, the Zombie wolf PS4 Mod controller is the ultimate controller for gaming on your PS4. The controller is the game-changer that you need to thrive against the enemy during your intense gaming sessions.

Just out of the box the controller comes equipped with a turbo mode by default, which you can use to complete a wide range of commands that can be accessed via different sorts of button remaps, such as continuous presses, double and triple maps and so much more. You also can configure your timings using a programmable model. The turbo function is quite user-friendly and doesn’t require any sort of app or software. You can do all your tweaking via the stock buttons and the two turbo buttons at the back.

The aesthetic design of the controller just oozes premium quality. The color scheme has been set to a silky white and the two zombie wolf heads drawn on each handle of the controller just make it a visual treat to watch. However, you can add custom elements to the controller such as chrome buttons, colored thumbsticks, and even an aluminum D-pad. If you’re into the whole hardcore zombie genre then you should go for this controller.

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