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Best Controller for Rocket League Summary

Award Image Model Price
Best PlayStation Controller for Rocket League PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless See On Amazon
Best Xbox Controller for Rocket League Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless See On Amazon
Best Affordable Controller for Rocket League Steam Controller Steam Controller See On Amazon
Best Overall Controller for Rocket League Razer Wolverine V2 Razer Wolverine V2 See On Amazon
Best Nintendo Controller for Rocket League Nintendo Switch Pro Nintendo Switch Pro See On Amazon

Best Controller for Rocket League At a Glance:

Best Controller for Rocket League Reviews

PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless (Image credit: Amazon)

PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless

Best PlayStation Controller for Rocket League

The PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Wireless controller is an excellent overall controller for any game. If you want to use it for playing Rocket league then you have made the right choice. Even though it’s a little on the expensive side but the features that are included on the controller make it all worth it.

It has gotten the label of one of the best gaming controllers in history and quite rightly so. It comes with haptic feedback as opposed to the traditional vibrational that has been included in the controllers before thus adding an element of immersion to your gaming experience. If there is a collision in-game you will feel it on the controller. Then the adaptive triggers also deserve to be commended as you can experience different types of environments and the interaction with them. Using this controller in a fast-paced game like rocket league will surely add to your gaming experience like no other controller. Lastly, it even has a built-in microphone and mic jack that lets you communicate with your teammates in-game and get the jump on the enemy.

The only downside is that you will have to take a lot of measures to make it compatible with other platforms since the controller has been designed to work with a PlayStation 5. However, choosing this controller as your primary rocket league controller will let you have an immersive in-game experience.

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless (Image credit: Amazon)

Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless

Best Xbox Controller for Rocket League

Next up on the list is the controller from Sony’s competitor, the Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless. The controller’s design makes it a perfect fit for your hands and it will not let you down while you are having those intense gaming sessions playing rocket league.

The previous generations of the controller didn’t get a lot of traction and used to be a laughing stock as being very big and awkward to hold. Nonetheless, Microsoft has turned things around for themselves and came up with a design that is quite ergonomic not just for rocket league but for every other game. Moreover, since the controller is from Microsoft, it has got cross-platform support. It can run on both the Xbox console and PC as well, making its usage quite versatile. Many gamers buy it for playing games on PC as well due to this cross-platform support. The controller gives you the ability to remap your controls according to your play style. You can also connect mappable paddles which you can connect at the back and make for a more comfortable experience as this lets you add more buttons. You can set up profiles for your games as well which will automatically adjust to the default control scheme of other games.

The only downside of the controller is that it’s one of the expensive controllers, but due to the features you are getting in return the price tag seems justified. Microsoft made a controller that doesn’t lag in performance and comfort hence they placed the Elite tag in the name. Choosing this controller not only for rocket league but for other games as well will not be a bad choice by any means.

Steam Controller (Image credit: Amazon)

Steam Controller

Best Affordable Controller for Rocket League

The Steam Controller has aged quite well and it is still one of the advanced controllers out there. However, due to its expensive price tag, many people just tend to look for other options. Still, if you can break your bank to buy it then you should consider it as it is the best controller on the list and the only reason it’s not on the top is due to its price tag.

The controller comes with a wide variety of features that make it an obvious pick for using it to play Rocket League. It comes with dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, back grip buttons, and fully customizable control schemes that will let you enjoy Rocket league as well as other games too. Valve knows what the gamers want in a controller and the HD haptic feedback delivers an immersive experience that holds its own against the dual sense’s haptic feedback. Another commendable feature is the presence of the dual trackpads that just add to the immersive factor of your in-game experience, giving you exceptional controls of the cars in rocket league. These trackpads can function both as a steering wheel and a joystick whichever is your preference.

It takes some time to build muscle memory and get used to the controller. Nonetheless, it is an excellent choice for a controller that you can use for games like Rocket league and if you can afford it then there is no reason you shouldn’t.

Razer Wolverine V2 (Image credit: Amazon)

Razer Wolverine V2

Best Overall Controller for Rocket League

Razer has made quite a name for itself in the gaming community delivering high-quality peripherals to gamers. It’s no surprise that they turned their sights on delivering a controller that just oozes quality. The Razer Wolverine V2 is a premium controller that shouldn’t be taken lightly just because it was not developed by console companies.

As far as the design matters the controller is quite the visual treat. The design is not just about looks, as it fits your hands quite nicely. It comes with rubber grips so that you don’t start to lose your grip on the controller as your palm gets sweaty during those intense rocket league sessions. It comes with 2 multi-function buttons that help you remap your controls should you feel the need to. The whole controller can be remapped to suit your playing style using the Razer Controller setup utility. It’s an excellent controller that will perform to your liking and playstyle.

The only downside is that this particular controller from Razer is wired instead of being wireless. Although, the wire is quite long and you should have no trouble moving it about, still it can be a hassle to use at times. While there are wireless controllers out there from Razer but they tend to be on the expensive side and since it gets the job done why go after those. A functional and aesthetic controller that will give you no trouble for a long time, it’s a solid pick.

Nintendo Switch Pro (Image credit: Amazon)

Nintendo Switch Pro

Best Nintendo Controller for Rocket League

The out of the box controllers that Nintendo has given with their Nintendo Switch console the Joy-Cons haven’t exactly impressed anyone from the gaming community and are only good for casual gaming sessions. Competitive gamers go for the flagship controllers that Nintendo is offering the Nintendo Pro controllers.

Nintendo designed these controllers to compete with Sony’s Dual Shock and Microsoft Xbox controllers. The controller has a modern design and is quite ergonomic. Many of us agree that when it comes to having those intense competitive gaming sessions on the Switch then this is the best controller for the job. It comes with features like motion controls, HD rumble, and even amiibo functionality. So if you want to play Rocket league on your Switch console then you should use this controller as it will make your experience smoother as compared to using a Joy-Con. Even the battery life on this controller is the longest as it can last up to 40 hours on a single charge which is way more than the competition.

Due to its design that fits easily into your hands along with the crisp buttons and smooth analog movement, your in-game experience will become quite hassle-free and you won’t be held back due to your controller input. Investing in this controller will be a good choice as it will let you grab that much-needed advantage on your enemies.

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