Smallest Mini ITX Cases

ATX builds are cheap as the components are available in excess, but when it comes to ITX builds, they are quite expensive, but for LAN gamers, they are good too. A small motherboard or small form factor graphics card is easy to find, but when it comes to the smallest mini ITX cases, you’ve to look at a couple of options. For most users, BitFenix Prodigy Arctic or Cougar QBX is the best ITX case, but if you are looking for something else or even smaller, you can even have the Skyreach 4 Mini. But before picking up any option, let’s check out what to look for in a small ITX case before buying it.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Best Pick BitFenix Prodigy Arctic BitFenix Prodigy Arctic

Excellent air cooling.

Supports 240mm AIO Coolers.

Can house 9x 2.5′ Bay Drives.

Most Popular Cougar QBX Cougar QBX

Affordable price.

Build quality is amazing.

Supports 120mm AIO Cooler.

Budget Pick InWin A1 Black InWin A1 Black

Aesthetically appealing casing.

Side tempered glass.

Bundled with 650W PSU.

Once you are done with the case design and look, you need to check whether your motherboard and other components are compatible with that case or not. We’re looking for small cases in our case, so only ITX motherboards will be compatible with them. The Cougar QBX is not compatible with regular PSUs, so you must need the power supply recommended by the manufacturer. Some power supplies like InWin A1 Black come with a bundled power supply unit, which is solid in performance, and RGB lights. 

We’ve tested and analyzed all of the cases mentioned below and found that they are compatible with most graphics cards. However, in our case, graphics cards like RTX 3080 and 3090 have some compatibility issues with them, so make sure if your card will fit in it or not.

Smallest Mini ITX Cases Summary

Award Image Model Price
Best White Smallest ITX Mini Case BitFenix Prodigy Arctic BitFenix Prodigy Arctic See On Amazon
Best Overall Smallest ITX Case Cougar QBX Cougar QBX See On Amazon
Best Looking Smallest ITX Mini Case InWin A1 Black InWin A1 Black See On Amazon
Best Smallest Mini-ITX Case Skyreach 4 Mini Skyreach 4 Mini See On Amazon
Best Minimalist Smallest ITX Mini Case Louqe Ghost S1 Louqe Ghost S1 See On Amazon

Smallest Mini ITX Cases At a Glance:

Smallest Mini ITX Cases Reviews

BitFenix Prodigy Arctic (Image credit: Amazon)

BitFenix Prodigy Arctic

Best White Smallest ITX Mini Case


Excellent air cooling.

Supports 240mm AIO Coolers.

Can house 9x 2.5′ Bay Drives.

Exceptional build quality.

HDD cages are easy to remove.


Little problem with PSU installation.

Let’s start the list with a casing that comes with tons of features and is visually quite appealing to look at. The BitFenix Prodigy Arctic White is one of the most balanced casings out there for hosting Mini ITX builds which is perfect for users who move around a lot as it comes with two handles both at the top and bottom, which also leaves space between the desk and the case.

The case internal spacing is quite well designed as it allows for five fans in total. The amount of expansion bays is also staggering high, in such a compact casing you have got space to hook up 15 internal bays. The I/O panel is located at the side which gives you access to two 3.0 USB ports, a power button, a reset button, and audio jacks. Due to the space left between the PC case and the desk, you can also invert the case and change its orientation of the case. Additionally, the casing can support a radiator of up to 240mm. Due to its size and dimensions, you can also use this casing for building a Home theater PC (HTPCs).

Usually, when it comes to features the price tag seems to exponentially increase with the number of features. Not with this case though, it doesn’t cost much and gives a ton of features.  It greatly balances out price and features and gives a tough time to the competition. The only downside to this casing is that there is not enough space for the GPU to breath and the temps might be a little on the higher side. Still, it’s one of the best cases out there and will do its job well.

Cougar QBX (Image credit: Amazon)

Cougar QBX

Best Overall Smallest ITX Case


Affordable price.

Build quality is amazing.

Supports 120mm AIO Cooler.

Can hold a full-sized graphics card.

Plenty of cooling options.


Small and powerful PSUs are hard to find.

Not compatible with every power supply.

The side panel lacks dust filters.

The Cougar QBX is one of the best budget Mini ITX cases in the market right now. Made with plastic material the casing comes with a dirt-cheap price tag that makes it an attractive option for budget PC gamers.

The casing has got plenty of space inside coming in at 20 liters, although the space optimization could have been better, nonetheless, you can still fit bigger radiators and GPUs inside the casing. You can hook in either a 240mm Radiator or dual 120mm ones. If your goal is to build a budget PC then this case is up to the mark. The quality is pretty good as well considering the price tag and the PC will not produce much noise when it’s hosted in this casing. There is ample airflow, which makes it fit the necessary criteria that a PC casing should be checked against.

There are side panels made of plastic, but they are fingerprint resistant and with the finished brushed look the aesthetic feel of the casing looks visually pleasing. All in all, in the price tag that it comes with, it’s a solid casing that will do the job of hosting a Mini ITX build, so if you don’t have a lot of cash in hand you can go for this casing and it won’t let you down.

InWin A1 Black (Image credit: Amazon)

InWin A1 Black

Best Looking Smallest ITX Mini Case


Aesthetically appealing casing.

Side tempered glass.

Bundled with 650W PSU.

Bundled RGB fans, and a lighting strip.

Supports dual-slot graphics card up to 320mm.


The top screw is hard to access for the motherboard.

The bundled PSU comes with only three SATA connectors.

Need two more fans for better airflow.

If you want a Unique looking casing for your Mini ITX to build and are not afraid to splash the cash then you should consider the InWin A1 Black casing. InWin Casings have been making a lot of rounds in the PC community and has become quite mainstream due to their out-of-the-box design.

Even though there is no top and front fan mounted the casing still manages to keep your temps down. Instead of at the top and front, the casing comes with fans that are hooked at the side and bottom. It supports a fan up to 120mm in size. This particularly helps in keeping the GPU cool as it’s placed near the bottom close to the fans. For further optimizing the airflow there is also an option of placing a rear exhaust fan that will chuck the hot air out. Overall, the airflow is great for the casing and the probability of the PC components throttling thermally is very low.

The casing comes with built-in RGB lighting and also a transparent stand which makes it so that the case is floating in midair. There is also a Qi wireless charger in the casing which will let you charge your smartphone. Even though the casing comes with an expensive price tag the features you’re getting in return are more than enough to justify it. If you have the cash then you should certainly go for it as you will have a premium experience.

Skyreach 4 Mini (Image credit: Amazon)

Skyreach 4 Mini

Best Smallest Mini-ITX Case


Great build quality.

Clean and straightforward design.

Ultra compact PC Case.

Vertical GPU mount.

Ideal smallest LAN rig.


You’ve to purchase the power source separately.

Can’t house full sized graphics cards.

Slightly expensive for compact builds.

The Skyreach 4 Mini is one of the smallest Mini ITX casings on the market right now. It has a volume of 5 liters and its small size factor makes it quite portable as it can easily fit inside a bag pack so you can carry your PC around if you have to.

You can fit a GPU with a length of 210 mm so you can easily hook up a high-end card like the RTX 2070 or even a Zotac 1080 Ti mini. You can fit up to 2.5 drives. There is a compromise on CPU cooling due to its compact size. However, you can hook in a cooler like the Noctua L9i or L9a which is capable of cooling an i5 or a Ryzen 5 processor. The case has been designed with a strong lightweight material that adds to its portability factor. The majority of the PSUs will not fit inside the case and with a mini ITX build, you don’t need a lot of power. So, it comes with a specially designed PSU, the HDPlex 400AC which will look after all your needs.

The only downside to the casing is that it’s on the expensive side. But, the features that you’re getting in return such as the 5 liters volume, its extensive portability and the ability to even house a GPU like the RTX 2070 make it quite worthwhile and must be commended for its design.

Louqe Ghost S1 (Image credit: Amazon)

Louqe Ghost S1

Best Minimalist Smallest ITX Mini Case


Great minimalist design.

Exceptional thermal performance.

Good for mini-ITX builds.

Bundled with PCIe 4.0 riser cables.


There are no IO options on front.

The front side also lacks air filtration.

Doesn’t have RGB lights.

A bit expensive.

They say that save the best for the last and that is what I have done with the case that I am going to recommend now. The Louqe Ghost S1 is the best Mini ITX casing in the market as it excels in all three criteria of a casing. It has got ample space inside, has got that premium build quality and it looks phenomenal as well.

The case is made from extruded aluminum panels instead of sheet metal, which gives the casing a more premium look. The interior of the casing has been designed in a sandwich-style layout as the motherboard and PSU can be fit in one compartment while the GPU can be fit in another. The interior has a volume of 8.2 liters which is ample space for hosting a Mini ITX build. There is a tophat vertical extension present which can be used to house different components such as case fans, a radiator, and even storage drives should you feel the need to which makes the case modular. The tophat can be added to the bottom of the casing as well in case you have already maxed out the top of the casing with cooling solutions. You can add your hard drives at the bottom as the casing has got plenty of space and you won’t need to upgrade.

The casing comes in an all-black color and the only downside to this casing is that you will need to splash quite a lot of cash to buy so make sure you have the credit in your account. Nonetheless, it is the best Mini ITX case on the list and you won’t be disappointed.

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