Best Z690 Motherboard

Round up of Intel Alder Lake Z690 Motherboards.

After getting a severe beating in the consumer market from AMD, Intel finally started getting the market share from AMD by developing the 12th Generation of processors, codenamed the Alder Lake. The 12th gen processors include the top-of-the-line Core i9 12900K, then the upper mid-ranger Core i7 12700K, followed by the mid-ranger giving great value to money Core i5 12600K which supports the newer socket the LGA 1700, which is compatible with the Z690 chipset.

A motherboard serves as a foundation for your PC and since there are so many options in the market it can be quite the conundrum in choosing the right one. You can check out the top gaming motherboards that we reviewed last week. Nonetheless, if you are a PC enthusiast and looking for the best Z690 motherboards then you have come to the right place, as I will be providing you with a list that will feature the motherboard that will help you experience everything these 12th gen processors have to offer.

Since the 12th gen processors are the latest gen of processors they are compatible with DDR5 RAMs which perform and transfer data at a much faster rate than the previous generations’ i.e., DDR4. Moreover, newer PCIe 5.0 technology has also been rolled out to the desktop consumer market which paired with DDR5 memory, makes up for lightning-fast data transfer.

The Z690 is an enthusiast-class chipset and it comes with all the future-proof features that will give you a PC experience that is worthy of the premium you pay to acquire it. The Z690 chipset is perfect for the top-end Enthusiasts who thrive on maxing out their hardware limit to the extreme and drawing out every last bit of performance it has to offer. Now without waiting further let’s dive straight into the list:

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