Best RTX 3090

A Round Up of Top RTX 3090 Aftermarket Graphics Cards.

NVIDIA Ampere architecture came with a big difference from Turing, as the core count was increased by roughly 100%. The newer cores are slower but more, which is why the power consumption of the graphics cards increased a lot too. The GeForce RTX 3090 was the flagship graphics card from the RTX 3000-series graphics cards before RTX 3090 Ti got released. We will check the best RTX 3090 graphics cards in this article, so be seated.

The RTX 3090 is a beast in everything, whether you talk about the cores or the memory. The GPU comes with a whopping core count of 10496, coupled with 328 texture mapping units and 112 render output units. The base clock of the graphics card is 1395 MHz while the boost clock is 1695 MHz and pairing it with some latest generation powerful motherboard can get you a lot. . Even though the official clock rates are lower than lower-end graphics cards from the RTX 3000 series, the graphics card easily goes above 1800 MHz as long as there are no thermal issues.

The memory of the graphics card is really impressive. First of all, it comes with a 24 GB VRAM, which we have never seen in a mainstream gaming graphics card before and that’s why we only recommend it with some high-end processor. The memory performance of the graphics card is quite impressive too, having a 384-bit memory bus, and GDDR6X technology, which results in a memory bandwidth of 936.2 GB/s.

The most prominent variants of the RTX 3090 are GIGABYTE AORUS XTREME, ROG STRIX GAMING OC, MSI SUPRIM X, ZOTAC AMP EXTREME HOLO, and EVGA RTX 3090 FTW3 ULTRA. As the GPU sizes have increased so they can perform better, you will need a bigger casing to host them

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